My name is Sergio Cuan. I am a Cuban-American artist and graphic designer with a BFA in Art and Design from Pratt Institute. I discovered my love for art and nature very early on as a child. I first saw a bonsai tree when I was a teenager, and when I learned what these curious tiny trees were, the marriage between art and nature simply captured my imagination. Bonsai to me is a unique art form that holds commonalities to painting, drawing and sculpture. But unlike those art forms, bonsai is alive. Practicing bonsai is an intimate dialogue between artist and tree. It is cause and effect. It is interactive. That give and take is what gives bonsai its own unique dimension. It's fascinating to think that in a very small, contained space you can experience nature in all its complexity and mystique.


Although bonsai is deeply rooted in Asian culture, I believe it should not be necessarily the expression of such, but rather embraced as a universal art form as powerfully expressive as any other. Through working with trees, I aim to create something beautiful, that has natural grace, and be able to tell a compelling story.


I have created a branding concept called M5 BONSAI WORKS. It represents an unbridled commitment to excellence, quality and a forward thinking ideology. 

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